vassilios kokkas, composer

Signal to Noise Rituals
Present, Time, Space
Mystical Musical Objects


A Mystical Musical Objcct is a coherent physical entity of sound, characteristically unique in its instance, in relation to its perception by a perceiver.
Therefore, a particular Mystical Musical Objcct, that may enjoy a unique reference of identity among a multitude of perceivers, corresponds to a multitude of perceived forms related to a multitude of perceptions. The objective form of a Mystical Musical Object is singular, but not perceivable at its entirety by any singular perceiver, while its subjective form tends to manifesting itself in infinite instances, all of which able to be perceived, in their entirety, by one particular perceiver. MMO's can be music or sound compositions, natural or artificial sounds, voices, and even unheard sounds that exist as abstract perceptions without being heard by any perceiver's acoustic sense. A famous originator of this concept is the greek french composer Ianis Xenakis.

 Bravo Juliett, Sax Quartet (SATBar)
 La Floresta, sound generative algorithm
Rebirth de Chiffre, an electroacoustic solar system installation Townmaps of Thessaloniki for 12 instrument ensemble